Compact media

LeisureBooQi is an effective and compact marketing tool. It is easy to use: unfolded you benefit from a large communication space, folded it compact enough to fit in your pocket. The quality creates an association with value, this makes people keep it long term. An impactful carrier for important messages.


Kept and used their LeisureBooQi


Associated the quality of LeisureBooQi with overall brand quality


Prefers a LeisureBooQi over traditional media


Found LeisureBooQi pleasurable to use

What can we do for you?

Together with our partners, you, we build marketing campaigns to get closer to your goals. We start with concept and end with distribution. Our design studio and cartography department creates what you need to make your campaign successful. Discover their working method.

What’s in it for you?

Using LeisureBooQi for your marketing campaigns helps you make the most out of your marketing investment. To get the right message amongst the right people in an eye-catching way is what LeisureBooQi stands for. Discover more about ROI.


Our solutions

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