Show your Park

A park offers peace and tranquillity in busy times. A theme park offers a vibrant environment with loads of activities for visitors to participate in. In both, visitors have a need to find their best way through the park.

The common map often leaves your visitor struggling on folding it. When using ParkBooQi for your park plan and in park promotions, you offer your visitors a compact tool that easily guides them through your park. Because of the compact size, the guests really use your ParkBooQi and even keep it after their stay.


Branding & Upselling

Our research shows that 86% of the users associated the quality of the BooQi with the quality of the park. Besides this, 81% of the visitors took the ParkBooQi home as a souvenir. This way the park stays on top of mind with the visitors.

Besides using ParkBooQi as an informative tool, it can also be used to increase the upselling. Use the ParkBooQi to promote your restaurants, events and merchandise shops. Finally, pointing out the park’s loyalty program helps stimulating returning visitors. With matching displays, visitors can find your ParkBooQi everywhere in the park and with touristic partners.