How it works

LeisureBooQi is as makeable as you need it to be, but we are here to help you find the best way to integrate it into your offering. We offer two options:


1 – Let our LeisureBooQi team design a bespoke LeisureBooQi for your business, focused on your business needs and facilities. Follow the 4 simple steps below:  

Step 1

Choose the type of BooQi that meets your needs the best.

Step 2

Select the texts and images for your LeisureBooQi.

Step 3

Make a screenshot of the area map you want, including the points of interest.

Step 4

Send this information to and you will receive the first draft within three days!

2 – Get started with your own LeisureBooQi design! You can request a free empty template by mail. Request the free template below: 


Production and Delivery

After you have approved the designs, your LeisureBooQi will begin to come to life. You will receive your first full order within 3-5 weeks depending on your location. Don’t worry, we ship everywhere. Once you receive your LeisureBooQis, you’ll discover that the best thing about our packaging is that they come in display trays to help you to easily integrate them in your check-in procedure immediately.


Implementation of LeisureBooQi in your business

When introducing a new tool to your staff, adoption can’t be taken for granted. Make your staff aware of LeisureBooQi’s benefits and show them the many ways LeisureBooQi could help you. Products like our Counter Assistants can help make their lives easier by directing customers towards offers, facilities and the content of your LeisureBooQi. Our plasticized and flat Counter Assistants never get in the way of your customers, and they definitely help in communicating goals to staff. Take some pressure off your staff and give customers the information they need as soon as they need it at the same time.