Shopping Guides

Shopping malls offer a great variety of shopping and catering facilities. Visitors love this, but also can get lost because of the endless possibilities. A tool that easily guides them to the best places in your mall is very valuable.

Because of the size, a common map often leaves your visitors struggling when folding it. This increases the chance of ending in the bin. When using ShoppingBooQi as a guide, you offer your visitors a compact tool that easily guides them through all your shopping facilities. Because of the compact size, the guests really use your ShoppingBooQi and even keep it after their stay.

Our distribution solutions help you make the most out of your investment by making sure your ShoppingBooQis arrive where you want them to: in the hands of your audience!


Visitor Experience & Promotion

Our research shows that 81% of the users keep and use the BooQi after their stay. Therefore, the ShoppingBooQi can be used to steer your visitors back to your shopping center for a next visit or to make them aware of upcoming events. Because 86% of the recipients associate the quality of ShoppingBooQi with the quality of the shopping center, it can be used to optimise the experience of visitors. Finally the ShoppingBooQi lends itself perfectly to stimulate cross selling for restaurants or specific shops that want to stand out. Measure the ROI of your BooQi for all parties involved by adding coupons, cash system scan codes and many more options.