It’s a jungle out there!

Be ready to get splashed by the bathing elephants! Want to see the tigers being fed? If you are on time by knowing the exact time table, you can stand front row!  
And don’t forget to spot the newborn baby hippo in the Africa area… 

Pamper your visitors with a top experience in your Zoo, simply by letting them know where to go and what’s on offer. From the train through the park, the play garden for the little ones to the family restaurant. All this comes together in ZooBooQi: An effective marketing tool developed by years of experience in working with Zoos. 

ZooBooQi gives your visitors all information at hand, at a user friendly pocketsize. It’s easy to unfold, even by small children. ZooBooQi takes them by the hand and sends them in the direction you want them to go, towards your ice cream stand or merchandise shop.  

ZooBooQi goes home with your visitors, as a souvenir to show family and friends. They might even discover a special offer from you or a partner for their next visit! 

ZooBooQi can help with visitor related challenges, summarised in three pillars:
Experience, Upselling en Visitor flow & Partnerships.


Save and use their ZooBooQi

How does ZooBooQi benefit you?

ZooBooQi is the perfect ambassador for your Zoo and suitable for every challenge. A better visibility of your offers and services will help you increase customer satisfaction and develop loyalty. Our leisure experts advise you on the right content, to realise the following: 

    • Create happy visitors, that leave good reviews and help you with word-of-mouth marketing. 
    • Stimulate sales in shops, restaurants or combination tickets. 
    • Present your annual pass or partners 
    • Measure your ROI and your visitor flow during the season with vouchers, QR or scan codes. 
    • Add variable information to communicate your event calendar or feeding time schedule. 
    • Reduction of litter in your park and bins, as visitors take their ZooBooQi home. 
    • Promote your online tools like your Zoo app, campaign or online registration service.
… …

We developed this compact park plan together with LeisureBooQi. Thanks to the option to add replaceable info in the cover, it’s possible to be very actual. Our guests will never miss a feeding moment and we can be flexible in promoting our restaurants and merchandise items.

– Dennis Faassen, Marketing Communication Manager – Diergaarde Blijdorp