Bordeaux Métropole

Improve the visitors’ experience for the users of Bordeaux Métropole City Pass.

With the new Bordeaux Métropole City Pass, you can discover Bordeaux and its region easier and more visitor friendly than ever. It is composed of a Z-BooQi pocket format that can carry their contactless city pass.

Bordeaux Métropole is now within reach of its users, thanks to the solution that is developed. The Pass is available for 1, 2 or 3 days and allows you to move easily within the city, visits museums for free, and benefit from discounts on many activities and services. Visitors now receive a single all-in-one compact tool: The City Pass Guide BooQi.

With the notches (moon slits) on the front cover, visitors will keep the City Pass in their hands during their visit and will always have an overview with maps and offers close at hand.