Dear visitor, enjoy!  

Your city has so much to offer!  

Spoil your visitor with a great experience in your city, focusing on the theme of their visit.  

With your CityBooQi, your visitor has all information at hand, easy and so compact it fits in their pocket. Your visitor won’t miss a thingCityBooQi takes them by the hand and sends them in the direction you want them to go: The tourist office, a specific highlight, an event or a quieter area for crowd control.  

CityBooQi contains filtered information to help make decisions on where to spend time on and vouchers to send them in the right direction. Be their point of reference whilst discovering the city. The user-friendly, clear and up to date map offers an overview of your city.  

CityBooQi is an effective marketing tool developed by 1years of experience with city marketing in cities throughout Europe. Visitors take CityBooQi home with them, to share it with family and friends. They might even discover a special offer for a next visit. 

It will help you with visitor related challenges, summarised in three pillars:

Experience, Upselling en Visitor flow & Partnerships.

City Pass?

Integrate your City Pass with partner communication, coupons, public transport contactless cards and maps of the city and the area! 


Keep and use their CityBooQi

How does CityBooQi benefit you?

CityBooQi is the perfect ambassador for your City, and suitable for every challenge. Share a map, point out your POI’s and share the hidden gems of your city.  

Our leisure experts advise you about the right content, to realise the following: 

  • Create happy visitors, that leave good reviews and help you with word-of-mouth marketing. 
  • Stimulate sales of all your city offers: tours, shops, restaurants, events, activities and more. 
  • Measure your ROI and your visitor flow with vouchers, QR or scan codes. 
  • Add replaceable information to communicate your yearly activities or event calendar. 
  • Present your partners. 
    … …

     “For our special metropolitan campaign, to get tourists out of Amsterdam and into the area, our six BooQis form a beautiful serie. The attractive BooQis come in a handy format and are very popular amongst foreign visitors wanting to discover more of Amsterdam and the region. With this campaign, more than 27% of the international visitors have visited the region in addition to their visit to the Amsterdam City centre 

    Amsterdam Marketing