CityBooQi is a widespread concept that is suitable for almost every campaign.Below our four most important pillars are shown.

City Guide

Experience the highlights of the city. From themed routes to shopping guides, everyone gets what they want.


The more clear offerings and directions are at your event, the more time there is to enjoy music, food, culture and people.


The road ahead offers great things! Provide clarity with a tool that helps your visitors get around in a friendly way.

City Pass

Your City Pass let’s visitor use your city’s best elements. Combine it with a BooQi to give an overview, stimulate loyalty and upselling.

Focus Areas

We developed multiple concepts for those who want to promote more aspects of their city. Read all about our other concepts below.

Cycling is hot! With a BikeBooQi you can let tourists experience your city by Bike.

ZooBooQis are perfect for zoo’s and theme parks. Visitors won’t miss a thing

From a necessary slope plan, to your head in the clouds with SkiBooQi in their pocket.

Breathing spaces in a city. Enjoy nature and rejuvenate with a ParkBooQi.

Museums and Culture. A MuseumBooQi provides visitors with a clear overview of all offerings.

Guide visitors through your shopping centre and make them aware of upcoming events.