VVV Zandvoort & Connexxion

Amsterdam Marketing, Connexxion and VVV Zandvoort collaborated to guide more tourists from the centre of Amsterdam to Zandvoort (Amsterdam Beach).

Together with the involved partners, we created a BooQi that shows the bus route from Amsterdam to Zandvoort in a clear way. Besides practical information, tourists can also find practical information and must-sees from the region in the BooQi.

To reach all tourists, the BooQis were distributed at hotels in Amsterdam and Zandvoort. The BooQis were also distributed in the busses of Connexxion. By expanding the cover, drilling a small hole and adding a tie-wrap, the BooQis could easily be distributed in the busses of Connexxion. This way, tourists can easily take the BooQi without leaving trash in the bus.