Dublin Bus

Combine a RFID-Tag for a weekend bus ticket with tourist information to have an optimal weekend in Dublin.

Because of a special technique, a RFID Tag is processed in the cover. When boarding the bus tourists scan the cover that works as the bus ticket. As a result of the combination with tourist information on the bus ticket, tourists can easily discover the city.

The pass is available at the airport and other information points in the city. We deliver the BooQi’s and RFID-tags numbered in sequence, so Dublin bus can easily sort and sell them.

As the result of tourists receive the ticket and tourist information in 1 tool, they can easily discover the city. The Calmell Group is responsible for the technique part of this campaign, specialist in contactless cards and partner of international projects.

“For years we are really satisfied about the good services and good collaboration with BooQi Media Solutions. In addition to the good services, the BooQi’s are always of good quality.”
Sonia Diaz, logistics and marketing – Calmell group