I Amsterdam City Card

Develop a durable total solution for the I amsterdam City Card. This package has to combine the City Card with all important information on how to use it, all participating touristic attractions, a map of the city centre and extra cards or temporary discounts. The package was previously covered by an expensive box of multiple elements. Secondly, processing distribution in Amsterdam 24/7 and distributing online orders all over the world.

“Since 2013 BooQi Media Solutions is our partner in the production and complete process around the popular I amsterdam City Card. BooQi is a reliable partner and with their Total Solutions they offer us space to focus on other things. Visitors research underlines the positive feedback we get, the ultimate proof of a successful partnership.”
Wendy Kok, Amsterdam Marketing

A user friendly BooQi that is easy to use when wandering around in the city. The smart folding method and design hold all elements together in one tool. Distribution wise, all touristic information points and hotels sell the I amsterdam City Card BooQi.

Special vending machines stimulate a fast purchase 24/7 with a variety of payment methods. The card is available for 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours and represents a high value. All handling is done under one roof in our production hub in Amsterdam, according to the latest ISO standards in value safety.

Preparation is half fun: we offer future visitors of Amsterdam a chance to start their holiday from their sofa! By ordering their City Card online, they receive a complete package, including a free A-Mag magazine at home. It takes 6 working days to distribute to any place in the world.