Keukenhof Holland


  • Create a park guide that makes sure that visitors get the most out of their stay and find relaxation in the flowers fields of Keukenhof.
  • Let visitors take the BooQi Park guide home with them, to stimulate the selling of flower bulbs.

The total solution that is created for The Keukenhof is a combination of a BooQi Park Plan and a larger Park Book for the background and stimulation of gardening at home. The Park Book has many extra’s like a slide card to find more details on the different flowers, a special cut size of the cover with a ‘peek hole’ and implemented postcards to spread the word and share the vibe of the Keukenhof with loved ones.

“The BooQi helps all visitors with finding their way in the most beautiful spring garden in the world. BooQis were distributed at the entrance by Jacoba van Beieren and at the information departments so that the visitors could enter Keukenhof fluently. With 10 souvenir shops in the park, we needed a special souvenir that visitors could buy. The Park Guide that we created is a nice souvenir to make visitors re-think about their colourful and pleasant day. The collaboration with BooQi was excellent”.
Annemarie M.M. Gerards-Adriaansens, Keukenhof – PR-manager