La Trappe Brewery – Abbey De Koningshoeven

 La Trappe Trappist ale has been brewed by the Koningshoeven brewery at the Cistercian abbey of Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven since 1884.


  • Generate more traffic to the shop and restaurant at the brewery of Abbey De Koningshoeve.
  • To give visitors something that will remind them of the special day at the Brewery.
  • Stimulate sales in retail and out of home as they are reminded of the delicious flavors of the beer.

We developed a special BooQi which included a postcard. The BooQi is handed out to visitors who just had a tour at the Brewery. This BooQi is used as an extra trigger to guide visitors to the shop and the restaurant. Visitors will keep the BooQi and are able to send the postcard by post to family and friends. The BooQi also includes nice information about the brewery and the beer process which gives visitors the possibilities to re-live their special day when they drink the beer of the La Trappe Brewery.

La Trappe Trappist-Elske Vugts (Marketing Manager) 

Our restaurant is the most important marketing instrument and we want to give our visitors something that they can keep as souvenir of the special world of Trappist. Something that is compact, contains a lot of information and that people can pass on. That’s why we choose a BooQi with a postcard. Thanks to this choice, our special story stays top of mind with our visitors.”
La Trappe Trappist – Elske Vugts, Marketing Manager