Marketing East


  • Promote the tasteful highlights of the region.
  • Trigger receivers to look at other bicycle routes as well.
  • Collect data to implement other in marketing campaigns.

By adding BikeBooQis to the bicycle magazine, Marketing East directly reached a lot of bicycle fans in the region. This plus proposition in the magazine created a bulge-effect which gave the advertisement extra attention value. Because of the compact format, cyclists can use the BooQi easily while cycling. Unfolded, they can stick it to their steering wheel to have a clear (and safe) overview of the region when they ride their bike.

The campaign was really successful for Marketing East. We collected the contact details of 8.000 tourists with a high interest in cycling routes and/or tasteful points of interest. The BikeBooQi is user-friendly and easy accessible while cycling in the beautiful scenery of Overijssel.