Van Gogh Museum

Let visitors take something home that they truly keep and frequently use after their visit. This way, the memory of visiting the Vincent van Gogh stays truly alive!

In total, we made BooQis for 7 puzzles of Van Gogh paintings. The BooQi is included in a can with a puzzle and serves as an example of the end result. Since the cans – the packaging of these mini puzzles – are pretty small, we developed a special size BooQi, that could still run on our machines. At the backside of the BooQi, you find background information about Vincent van Gogh, the museum and the specific painting. The seven versions trigger the visitor to go back and collect more.

The puzzles are being sold in the gift shop at the museum and in every gift shop throughout Europe that has a Van Gogh corner. In case someone hasn’t got time to go back and get the other puzzles, they are also being sold online through the Van Gogh webshop.