Walibi Holland


  • Increase awareness of the brand identity and the visitor experience.
  • Increase bookings to Walibi Village & Walibi Festivals.
  • Raising the entrance fee and increase the upselling of food and merchandise with the Fast Line Pass & Halloween RIP Pass.
  • Stimulate return visits & cross promotion multimedia communication using Social Media & the Walibi App.

Thanks to several BooQi campaigns, the visitors received large amounts of information in bite size chunks in a user friendly yet clear and handy format. The BooQi helps stimulate spend on Food & Beverage and merchandise, resulting in extra revenue. The special Halloween version presented many limited offers, time tables and additional revenue possibilities designed to manage crowds and ensure visitor satisfaction even on peak days.

Visitor Loyalty increases by downloading the Walibi App, made easy with the QR code. Walibi Village guests have an all-in-one tool with HotelBooQi which combines their key card & parking card with information and location of their villa, and, a floor plan of the Walibi Theme Park.

“Communicating vast amounts of information was never so easy or successful using a standard flyer. The handy and user friendly BooQis engage our visitors from the moment they arrive! They happily use their BooQi throughout the day and take it home to keep it as a souvenir when they leave – no BooQis are ever found on the ground or in the bin!”

Rozemarijn Blauw, Marketing, Walibi Holland