Dublin Zoo


  • Combine a clear map with the yearly calendar of the Zoo in a user-friendly format.
  • Make sure the visitors take the Zoo home with them so that Dublin Zoo is top of mind.
  • Stimulate visitors to return to the Zoo – increasing the number of returning and loyal visitors.

A compact credit card sized BooQi, presents the big amount of information about the Zoo in bite size chunks. The user friendliness makes it easy for the recipient to keep a clear overview. Because the visitors unconsciously perceive the BooQi as valuable – thanks to the folding method and the hard covers – they will use it as a premium souvenir, of which they will hang on to as a keepsake.

In order to stimulate children to come back to the Zoo, the cover always has four different versions – 1 per animal – making it a collector’s item. The presentation of the BooQi was enhanced by the use of a board display that is placed in the Zoo and as a promoter in the library. Easy for the visitors, easy for the staff!

Visitors prefer the BooQi to a standard leaflet. BooQi is kept as a souvenir of their visit – it increases the longevity of message and therefore the return on investment. Dublin Zoo saw an Increase in children asking their parents to go back to the Zoo to collect all covers. The original quantity of 150.000 per year, increased to 800.000 per year, for six years in a row – to date.

Feedback Partner: 
“I am delighted with the look and feel of the BooQi Map, they will really enhance our visitor’s experience which is paramount to us. The BooQi will be something of a collector’s item or souvenir as there are various animal covers to choose. Tigers, Seals, Elephants and Orangutans make up the BooQi collection so ‘go wild and enjoy the fun’!”
Emma Kiernan, Marketing Manager Dublin Zoo