ZooBooQi Concept

Your guide to effective marketing

What does the ZooBooQi concept look like?

The fixed elements of the ZooBooQi are designed to help with the three pillars:
Visitor Experience, Upselling and Visitor flow & Partnerships.

The pocket sized ZooBooQi is a strong match with your visitors: Big enough for a senior visitor to read everything and for you to present your information. Small enough, even for the youngest visitor, to hold and to easily take it with him in a jacket or jeans pocket.

The ZooBooQi contains 3 coupons. Use them for:

  • Upselling. Make an offer for your shop, café or package deals.

  • Partnership. Share your partners offers.

  • Visitor Flow. Stimulate returning visitors and stear them in the right direction.

Information always up-to-date. ZooBooQi offers a way to share your temporary message or variable information. Thanks to the slit in the cover you can easily add a pass, entrance ticket or your seasonal event calendar.